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The German commercial debt recovery service has been collecting commercial claims for foreign enterprises and small to big sized businesses since the lawyers office was founded in 1960. The collection agency is certified by the association of German debt collectors and has been recognized throughout the collection industry as a leader in the recovery of commercial debt.
Recovery services include a customized approach in the collection of all bad debt claims in Germany unlike that of many other commercial collection agencies. These lawyers believe that a unique collection campaign that is geared towards the creditor's company best interests providing them with optimum results is paramount in satisfying the client's needs.
Collecting bad debts in commercial industries requires a certain finesse that not all collection agencies will possess. Contrary to popular belief, collection agencies are not out to put other companies out of business. One way to protect the client's interest without devastating another business is to come up with creative repayment plans that include securities and guarantees.
The recovery of monies owed on a commercial bad debt claim will be handled by professional lawyers who know and understand precisely the strategies that must be implemented in order to achieve the debt recovery or collection success that the client desires.
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As a commercial debt recovery service, it is vitally important to the success of each collection campaign that you employ the type of debt recovery specialists who understand the tricks of collecting commercial accounts receivable. The staff is made up of highly experienced collection professionals who have, over the course of many years, proven themselves to be legal experts in the recovery of commercial debts in Germany.
There are lots of other companies in Germany, but there are few who have the drive, determination and experience as the law firm in Hamburg to recover the money owed on all collection claims. The lawyers provide good results and take pride in extending world class service to each and every one of the clients. As a German debt recovery service, they stand ready to serve the collection and recovery needs of every business while enhancing the bank accounts.
One of the reasons so many commercial businesses choose to use debt collection services is because it allows them to stay more competitive. In most situations, the competition will use some advantage to decrease their costs and improve cash flow. To stay competitive with these other businesses, it is important to do the same thing. The best way to decrease cost and improve cash flow is to have an outside agency handle the bad debt collections, which will decrease write-offs.

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